Tor Arne Johnsen

Tor Arne is one of Nordic Innovators Associated Partners, and as co-founding partner of Novigo, he is responsible for our business development and sales in the region of Stavanger in Norway.

Associate Partner

Tor Arne Johnsen holds a Master in Economics from the University of Oslo. He is co-founding partner of Novigo and has more than 10 years’ experience within Innovation Management and EU Framework Programmes in Norway. Through his previous employments, in particularly as Director of the South Norway EU Office, Tor Arne has been involved in various regional SME mobilisation and facilitation initiatives towards EU funding opportunities in Norway. Through his career, Tor Arne has coordinated and written a number of successful EU proposals. He has a profound knowledge of EU funding opportunities as well as proposal writing skills and project administration matters both in EU and in national and regional context.