SME Instruments

Are you a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) and do you need external funding to realise your research and innovation projects? SMEs are the key to solving the economic crisis in Europe and R&D intensive SMEs account for 85% of all new jobs created, and are therefore seen as the main driver for economic growth in Europe. Better and easier access to funding is one of the most important instruments of the EU to initiate this process.

SME opportunities
Horizon 2020 is emphasising funding for innovation and activities close to market contributing to economic growth, and focused on increasing the participation of SMEs. There are many opportunities for European SMEs in Horizon 2020, both across the three main pillars (Excellent Science , Industrial Leadership and Societal challenges ) and within specific instruments targeting innovative SMEs (see below). Whether you have in-house R&D capabilities or not, the European grant landscape provides numerous possibilities for SME funding.

At Nordic Innovators we have extensive experience in helping SMEs with public funding for research and innovation projects and considerable experience with this type of applications. Read more about the specific SME instruments below or contact us and receive free Consulting and Grant Scan for an overview of your funding opportunities.