Sébastien Allibe

Sébastien is responsible for our office in France primarily working with business development and sales, focusing on our growing group of clients in France and creating synergy between French, Danish and Norwegian enterprises. Thus, achieving step changes in their profitability whilst protecting them against increasing competition.

Country Manager

Sébastien is the Country Manager of Nordic Innovators in France. He has more than eight years’ experience within EU Framework programmes and French subsidies including Research Tax Credit. He has a MSc. in Applied Mathematics from the University Joseph Fourier (France-38). Through his career, Sébastien has coordinated, negotiated and managed successfully more than twenty EU proposals across sectors and a diverse range of technology areas such as novel sensors, microelectronics, photonics, embedded and high level software, imaging, artificial intelligence, wireless communications and advanced mechatronic systems. Through his previous employments, Sébastien was the Team Leader of an international research Institute. Sébastien’s team was dedicated to providing their clients with innovative, profitable solutions in the field of intelligent systems technology. He has built up with his team a wealth of knowledge of grant funding initiatives, including the European Commission’s Framework Programme (FP6, FP7 and H2020). He has secured with his team over €15 million of grant assistance for his clients.