Russell Hardy

Senior Consultant

Russell has a BSc in Applied Physics awarded by Coventry University. He worked at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority at the Culham Laboratory in Oxfordshire, where he worked in nuclear fusion research. He gained experience in ultra-high vacuum techniques, surface physics, mass spectrometry and plasma physics.
In 1983 Russell joined Rolls Royce (Nuclear) Ltd, as Criticality Officer working in the field of nuclear safety. His role was to ensure nuclear safety during all stages of production of nuclear submarine reactor cores and during the transportation of reactors to naval dockyards. His work included the Monte Carlo modelling of Neutronic interactions and the preparation of documentation for H.M. Nuclear Installations Inspectorate and the British Admiralty.
Russell then moved to Greece where he changed career direction and became a lecturer and author working as an in-house author and editor for a large publishing house. In 2005 Russ became a local English examiner for Cambridge University.
Russell joined Pera Innovation in the UK in July 2007 and was among their most successful Research Proposal Authors before taking over the delivery in 2013 of the Research Network’s function of individual Mentoring and Training for a host of European academic and industrial organisations including University of Valladolid, Nofima AS, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Norwegian National Technical University (NTNU) at Trondheim, The Artic University of Norway (UiT), Tromso and Brunel University, London.