Project Management

As the Coordinator of an EU project, you are responsible for many tasks and deadlines, these range from formalities, and submitting technical deliverables on time, salary rates, to the continuous reporting to the Commission, financial management and project milestones. When your company or organisation participates in an EU-funded project, we can act as your Project Manager.

Our Project Management Team offers professional counselling and administrative support to the management of externally funded research and innovation projects. The team members have expert knowledge in administrative rules, systems and tools for Project Management.

We free up your resources!

At Nordic Innovators, we assist our clients in keeping track of their EU project, so that our clients can spend their time and energy on implementing the project work programme. We bridge the EU system, ensuring that all formalities are in place and met on time.

We focus on network building and knowledge sharing and coordinate the administration between you, the other project partners and the European Commission with the aim to achieve greater cooperation between the partners and thereby a successful and smoothly run project. On behalf of the Coordinator, we can undertake the ongoing administration and project management where we offer a range of flexible services that can be customised as needed:

  • Plan, conduct and chair the project Kick-off meeting
  • Project Coordination
  • Financial management and payment plan
  • Collection of timesheets as well as help in selecting a system/tool for time registration
  • Interim financials (short monthly report to the project manager, quarterly report with budget control, annual accounts, financial reports to other periods determined by the grant authority)
  • Provisioning of the project participants’ responsibility (expectation poll)
  • Assistance in following up on project partner deliveries, milestones and adjustments to the project plan
  • Status reports (formalities, collection of contributions and editing)
  • Meetings (events, abstracts, follow-up)
  • Contact to partners and grant authority
  • Information plan
  • Homepage
  • Project closure
  • Final Accounting

Please contact Kenneth Junge Hermansen on +45 3120 5538 or write an e-mail to for an informal discussion on how we can help.