SME Instrument Phase II - StreetHopper

Project Description:

Nordic Innovators has successfully assisted the Norwegian SME Polewall AS in securing an EU grant through the Dedicated SME-Instrument Phase II. The StreetHopper project was selected among 177 received proposals under the competitive topic ICT / Open Disruptive Innovation (call: ICT-37-2014-2) – as one of only two funded Norwegian projects.


The overall objective of the StreetHopper project is to commercialise and bring to market Polewall’s disruptive compact low-cost Free Space Optics (FSO) data link. StreetHopper is an optical device that operates in free space e.g. between buildings. It uses an eye safe, laser-based method for data transmission capitalising on line-of-sight, street-level configurations of single, discreet devices that are capable of providing full duplex (both send and receive) data rates of 1Gbps.

The disruptive StreetHopper technology is perfect for providing rapid, efficient and secure backhaul of data from small mobile transmission cells and thus for addressing a rapidly expanding market in mobile telecommunications. Thus directly contributing to solving the industrial and societal problem of dramatically increased data traffic demand across the world.

With the support from Horizon 2020 and the Dedicated SME-Instrument Polewall will optimise and market mature its current prototype before final large-scale piloting together with two large international mobile network operators. The expected outcome of the project will be a validated and commercial StreetHopper FSO data link and a final Business Innovation Plan and Commercialisation Plan for post project execution.

”Initially Nordic Innovators assisted us in defining a clear EU funding strategy for our technology. This has resulted in two submitted EU proposals and both have now been successfully funded by the EU - an amazing result! Based on the same technology platform Nordic Innovators has been capable of securing Polewall funding for both R&D- and market maturation activities – allowing us to simultaneously address two different market applications! We are more than satisfied with Nordic Innovators work and are amazed by their level of details and quality assurance.”

Jan Eide, CEO at Polewall AS