Eurostars - NxPAS

Project Description:


Eurostars grants the development and test of an innovative non-invasive trace gas analyser-platform targeting cancer diagnostics.


The primary objective of the NxPAS project is the development and test of a non-invasive trace gas analyser-platform targeting the major market opportunity of medical diagnostics based on exhaled breath analysis. The final device will be applied to exhaled human breath for screening early stages of health problems – instantly providing data allowing diagnostics of various diseases, including several cancer types in special patients group.

The technology behind the NxPAS-platform is an innovative photoacoustic spectroscopy gas sensor, integrated with advanced solid-state laser sources. NxPAS will provide fast screening capability that will significantly improve early disease diagnosis for the benefit of patients and reduce medical expenses, thus significantly improve cost efficiency compared to existing state-of-the-art products.

With the support from Eurostars the consortium behind NxPAS will develop all sub-technologies and integrate the final device. Finally, prototype testing and data acquisition will be carried out with patients through small-scale clinical trials at Université de Liège.

"Nordic Innovators has provided very professional assistance throughout the proposal phase, including matching the project idea to the Eurostars programme, developing and improving the concept, identifying partners, writing and structuring a successful proposal, and finally ensuring that all partners got a common understanding of the overall objective and working process. We are extremely satisfied with Nordic Innovators specialised team and the work they have completed securing our success - is not the last time we will use Nordic Innovators’ services.”

Paul Feng, CEO and Founder of COPAC