Eurostars - GateHopper

Project Description:

Nordic Innovators has successfully assisted the GateHopper consortium, coordinated by the Norwegian SME Polewall AS, in securing a Eurostars grant aiming to develop and demonstrate a new 10Gbps technology platform for reliable, secure and ultra-fast data-link to be utilised in the aviation industry.


GateHopper is responding to the growing demand for wireless data-transmission of e.g. cockpit flight data or entertainment system content. Data transfer is limited by both practical and safety concerns when the airplane is airborne so the bulk of data transmission must take place during the short on-ground window and thus requiring extremely high transfer speeds. The technology behind the GateHopper-platform will be built on Free Space Optics (FSO), offering an optical wireless alternative to optical fibre with the ability to support high capacity data communication.

With the support from Eurostars the consortium will achieve a groundbreaking new product whose progress to maturity will be considered a major breakthrough within high capacity data communication. Throughout the Eurostars project, the complete data link will be developed and extensive real performance tests will be executed together with a large European aviation company.

”Working with Nordic Innovators has been a great experience! Throughout the applications process they have been capable of adapting our special area of expertise onto a professional and successful grant proposal. We are very impressed by Nordic Innovators way of working, being extremely detail oriented and always emphasising a high level of quality. At the same time, they quickly showed the ability to understand our technology and business model. We will not hesitate to use Nordic Innovators again and we highly recommend Nordic Innovators services. ”

Jan Eide, CEO at Polewall AS