Eurostars - FireDetect

Project Description:


Eurostars grant for early and reliable fire detection in harsh industrial environments.

Nordic Innovators has successfully assisted the consortium behind FireDetect to secure funding for developing and demonstrating an innovative and reliable fire detection system based on new and advanced laser-based technology.


Current fire detection systems are often based on measuring signal amplitude and any interference with the signal like dust and steam will result in faulty data or inability to measure. The new technology developed in the FireDetect project will address the need for improved sensitivity, and reduce the amount of false alarms in large industrial applications.

Throughout the project, the consortium will develop associated detection algorithms, complete prototyping of product, and validate the prototype on lab-scale before final demonstration of the technology in real industrial environments.

”Nordic Innovators was at first engaged by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology to identify the best funding opportunity and to establish a competitive consortium. At Elotec, we found the opportunity very interesting and initiated a collaboration with Nordic Innovators. Within a limited timeframe, Nordic Innovators, secured Norwegian PES2020 funds (Project Establishment Support) for the development of the Eurostars proposal, established the consortium and finally wrote a successful Eurostars proposal. We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Nordic Innovators and impressed by their professional and efficient work. Due to their effort, we are now coordinators of a strategically important R&D project which will positively impact our position within the European fire security market.”

Jan Kleven, CEO at Elotec AS