The Market Development Fund - Direct Shopping

Project Description:

The Market Development Fund supports the market maturation of Atosho’s innovative Direct Shopping platform, which aims to test and adapt a new solution for better and more integrated e-commerce.

Direct Shopping

With the groundbreaking e-commerce platform from Atosho, consumers will be able to purchase a product directly out of a publisher’s editorial content – whether that is an article, a product review, an image, or any other digital content that creates demand. This will increase the revenue for online publishers, provide new and unlimited possibilities for retailers and create an increasingly convenient, integrated and easy accessible shopping experience for consumers.

The technology behind the Direct Shopping platform enables the completion of the entire transaction process through widgets, meaning that consumers will not be redirected from the original website. Consumers will be able to make purchases anywhere, at any time and from any digital platform.


With the support from the Market Development Fund, Atosho will, in collaboration with British and French online-magazines, adapt and test the e-commerce platform, with the overall objective to prepare for large-scale global commercialisation of the technology.

”The grant from The Market Development Fund will significantly help us to accelerate our business. In collaboration with key international customers we are now able to test and adapt the e-commerce platform for further upscaling and worldwide market launch. Nordic Innovators has assisted with the project application and we have been very pleased with the professional process and consulting we have received. Nordic Innovators has shown the ability to quickly and thoroughly familiarise themselves with our technology and business model, and finally helped us present a high-quality and competitive proposal.”

Jacob Sanning Lund, CFO, Atosho A/S


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