PES2020 - Project Establishment Support

PES2020 is an instrument from the Research Council that will contribute to increase Norwegian participation in Horizon 2020 and realise improved returns on project funding from H2020 to Norwegian applicants. PES2020 provides financial support to Norwegian enterprises, research institutes and universities planning to coordinate or participate in a project proposal under H2020 or other EU programs, such as Eurostars, JTI, AAL, COST, etc.

Funding opportunity
The funding size varies and is closely linked to the applicant's role and budget in the planned EU project as well as the number of Norwegian participants and the type of EU project that will be developed. The support from the Research Council is limited to maximum 50% of incurred costs. Funding will be released if the EU project proposal is formally approved as eligible. Extra support will be awarded if the project proposal is deemed as over the threshold for award criteria. Additional support is also given for EU contract negotiations.

If an applicant is Coordinator of a planned H2020 project, the highest amount of funding available is NOK 250,000.

Universities, research institutes, state university colleges and regional health authorities may themselves decide whether they wish to submit an application for an individual project or seek an annual framework grant under the PES2020 scheme.

Companies and other applicants that may not submit applications for framework grants must seek PES funding for individual projects. These applicants may receive a maximum of NOK 500,000 in the course of the same calendar year.

Support from PES2020 covers the following costs:
  • Travel expenses
  • Hourly rates calculated on the basis of the Research Council’s ordinary rates for companies and independent research institutes. Salary costs for employees at public universities and university colleges or other public institutions will not be covered.
  • Procurement of external assistance and consultation.
  • Payroll compensation for personnel (at universities and university colleges).

Evaluation criteria
Applications will be processed by the NCPs, who in certain cases will provide advice to the applicant based on the PES application. Following criteria’s are assessed:
  • Has the applicant submitted the necessary information?
  • Is the planned project in line with the specific call text?
  • Is the applicant a proper type of organisation in relation to the specific project?
  • Has the applicant the necessary financial, internal competence or capacity-related prerequisites to obtain EU funding?
  • Has the applicant the necessary financial, internal competence or capacity-related prerequisites to complete the planned research project in an adequate manner?

Programme homepage: PES2020

Nordic Innovators has considerable experience developing PES proposals across Norwegian clients and can assist in all aspects of the application process. Please contact Kenneth Junge Hermansen on +45 3120 5538 or write an e-mail to to learn more about how we can help realise your R&D project.