Introduction of New Technology

Support is provided for demonstration of new energy technologies in Norway under realistic operating conditions. The program is technology-neutral and will consider applications for projects with new renewable energy generation or reduced energy consumption. In this context, reduced energy consumption means a direct reduction in the use of energy.

The objective of the programs under new technology is to support the development of energy technology that can subsequently results in the form of either saved kWh or produced renewable kWh. The energy technologies that are developed can subsequently receive support through Enova's programs in other program areas. The same technology can thus receive support multiple times, depending on the project's degree of maturity.

Grant opportunity
Support for technology, related to:
  • Efficient energy - in building, construction, industry and more;
  • Effective and renewable energy production;
  • Energy recovery;
  • Conversion to renewable energy.

The program is an investment aid scheme and the support is calculated individually for each project. The maximum funding is 50% of eligible costs related to:
  • Designing and detailed planning;
  • Project management;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Construction and installation of plants;
  • Initial operation and documentation of energy results;

A project shall be an investment in specific physical installations and have pre-defined objectives for technology innovation. This might be in relation to:
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Exploitation of new energy sources
  • Reduced energy use

The installation shall be located at an end user under real operating conditions and shall be operated for a minimum of two years after its initial phase. It shall be possible to achieve a positive cash flow from operation over a two-year period with normal operation and it implies that the income from energy production, reduced energy use or from the product that is produced during the operating period, shall be higher than the costs of the operation and maintenance.

Projects must demonstrate that innovation involves a significant step forward in relation to established practice or standards.

Evaluation criteria
  • A project shall have ambitious goals for innovation that can lead to an increased production of renewable energy or efficient energy usage;
  • A project shall have market basis in Norway or globally which can provide a significant contribution to the restructuring of energy production and usage;
  • A project shall help to facilitate dissemination of knowledge;
  • Documented capacity of implementation:
    • Projects with verifiable technology, business model and market
    • Projects with realistic plans for organisation, financing and implementation
    • Projects with a well-documented plan for operation and maintenance
    • Projects that are based on realistic economic assumptions

Programme homepage: Introduction of new technology
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