Green Development and Demonstration Programme

GUDP supports projects that contribute to greater competitiveness and sustainable food and non-food production. GUDP provides co-funding for development and demonstration projects with large market potential, positive environmental effects and a clear aim to commercialise the project results.

Funding opportunity
GUDP provides DKK 90m in funding within the 2014 round, for ambitious business-oriented innovations with a dynamic interplay between sustainability, efficiency and industry value adding. The program supports SMEs and large enterprises as well as participation of universities and research institutions. The different projects and grant opportunities are as follows:
  • Large development and demonstration projects: From DKK 2m and up to 15m
  • Small development and demonstration projects: From DKK 0.25m and up to 2m
  • Interdisciplinary network projects: From DKK 0.25m and up to 2m

Development and demonstration projects are projects where one or more participants complete a series of interdependent and supportive activities such as:

  • Development; of new technologies, prototypes and completion of necessary tests under practical conditions
  • Applied research; when necessary to achieve development and demonstration objectives
  • Demonstration activities; when aiming to spread knowledge about use of research and/or development activities

Network projects are aiming to identify barriers, business perspectives and potentials for developing a limited area within the challenges that the Danish food industry is facing. Network projects shall be implemented in cooperation between participants from across the value chain.

Eligibility criteria
GUDP is business-oriented and emphasises that projects have high commercial potential, are creating growth and jobs for the benefit of the Danish food industry, and that there is participation from several links in the value chain. In addition, GUDP prioritises projects that focus on the dynamics of the interaction between sustainability, efficiency and value adding. Projects are evaluated according to criteria stressing the environmental contribution as well as clear and specific economic impact for the participating partners as well as for the society at large.

Evaluation criteria
Proposals will be evaluated on eight criteria, criteria 1-4 focuses on environmental contribution and sustainability; criteria 5-6 deals with economic impact, while criteria 7 and 8 containmore interdisciplinary elements.

  • Minimised nutrient surplus
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce use of pesticides
  • Animal welfare, food safety, health, work environment and ethics

  • Further economic growth
  • Project revenues

Value adding:
  • Added value per commodity unit
  • Innovation, interdisciplinarity and communication

Programme website: GUDP

Nordic Innovators has considerable experience in developing successful proposals to the Market Development Fund and can assist in all aspects of the application process. Please contact Kenneth Junge Hermansen on +45 3120 5538 or write an e-mail to to learn more about how we can help realise your innovation project.