Grant Agreement

If successful, the EU application results in an invitation to prepare a Grant Agreement between the project consortium and the Commission. The invitation is the last step in the funding application process before project launch. Following the Grant Agreement, you are ready to begin the actual project implementation and start the activities described in your work plan.  

At Nordic Innovators we have coordinated and facilitated a large number of successful Grant Agreements - we therefore have the necessary knowledge and experience to help your project safely through this process.

Grant Agreement: SyGMa and Annex I (DoA)

The Grant Agreement forms the basis of the consortium's obligations towards the Commission and the project partners’ mutual obligations. Prior to the signature of the Grant Agreement, all partners in a consortium shall fill out contract relevant information in SyGMa and together complete Annex I (description of the action, DoA) covering both PART A (work packages, deliverables, milestones etc.) and PART B (the main proposal).

When the Commission approves the submitted material in SyGMa, the contract is forwarded to the consortium for digital signature. Each partner must sign the accession to contract called Form A using a digital signature.

Consortium Agreement

When the contract with the Commission falls into place, the consortium shall develop a 'Consortium Agreement', which shall establish the following conditions:

  • Consortium’s internal organisation
  • Distribution of funding from the Commission
  • Strategy for dissemination and exploitation of project results, including IPR strategy and distribution
  • Description on how any disagreements between partners are resolved and settled during the project

How can we assist you during the Grant Agreement phase?

We poses the necessary competences and experience to ensure an efficient Grant Agreement process with the Commission. We can assist your project throughout the entire process. Typically, we assist our clients with the following activities:

  • Depending on your specific needs, we can undertake the role of project manager, prepare all information in SyGMa
  • Coordinate and implement EU requested changes in both PART A and PART B
  • Ensure consistency with Annex I and assist in developing the first draft of the Consortium Agreement
  • Subsequently we coordinate and assist the consortium in relation to the final content in the Consortium Agreement
  • Participate in the Grant Agreement meeting with the Commission and other project partners, if requested

If you have received a successful evaluation of a Horizon 2020 application, please contact Kenneth Junge Hermansen on +45 312 05 538 or write an e-mail to for an informal discussion about how we can help.