Funding application process

Preparation and development of R&D projects is time consuming and involve intensive processes that often compromise the core business of an organisation. Even if you have the best project idea, this is often not enough. Without the necessary funding application knowledge, it is almost impossible to go from a good project idea to a complete and successful funding application.

At Nordic Innovators we free up our clients' internal resources allowing them to focus on the actual research, development and innovation tasks within a project.

One can apply for financing and innovation funding from several national and European funding programs over a longer period, within various thematic areas, project phases and activities. Whether you represent a company, a research institution or a public institution, we possess the knowledge and experience to identify the most optimal funding programs and develop successful applications for your research and innovation projects. Our consultants know the different requirements and conditions across national and European funding schemes and are committed to provide assistance throughout the application process.

How to collaborate with us?

A collaboration with us increases your chances of obtaining funding for your projects. We use our many years of experience and extensive knowledge of international funding schemes to create success for our clients. Our collaboration platform focuses on both high quality and flexibility, and the starting point is either a full client project, which we call FundIT or an assistance contract where we assist in relation to a predefined number of hours:

With the full FundIT-model, you will receive the following:
  • We take on the role as project manager during the application phase and take full responsibility for the development of the funding proposal and we guarantee that the proposal is submitted on time and that it represents a highly competitive proposal with a high chance of success.
  • At no extra charge and if applicable, we help formulate and submit a pre-project proposal to the national agencies providing pre-project funding (i.e. PES2020 in Norway, EUopSTART in Denmark) reducing our clients financial risk in developing the funding proposal.
  • We ensure full project validation and concept development so that the concept matches the specific programme and call, if necessary; we conduct a pre-validation with the relevant grant authority as well as undertake an internal technology validation.
  • We develop a highly detailed proposal, including technical sections, implementation strategy and project organisation, work package descriptions, business plan, IPR strategy, and any appendices if applicable.
  • We conduct ongoing adaptation of the project concept and business model, recruit the best partners for the project, coordinate input, and ensure quality control, internal reviews and final submission.
With a full customer project (FundIT) we conduct the whole application process so you can stay focused on daily operations and your organisation's core activities - you should only provide input to the content.

With the FundIT-assistance model, you will receive the following:
  • We assist according to your specific needs and you have the responsibility for developing and advancing the proposal as well as the final submission.
  • Depending on the size of our involvement, our assistance – ranges from only one or more proposal reviews to actual management of the application process where we delegate the tasks, coordinate and revise text contributions and develop text for specific sections.
This flexible model is often chosen by clients with internal competencies and resources to write funding proposals, and with the capacity to ensure that the application is submitted on time and in the right quality. Regardless of the size of our involvement, we always ensure professional counselling and assistance.

Please contact Kenneth Junge Hermansen on +45 3120 5538 or write an e-mail to to learn more about how we can help realise your R&D project.