Four successful NI projects – the Danish Market Development Fund


Four successful NI projects – the Danish Market Development Fund

28. February 2016

At Nordic Innovators, we are very excited to have assisted four Danish companies in receiving funding for adaptation and test of their products. The Danish companies behind the projects; WakeUpData ApS, GAN Integrity Solutions ApS, tiimo ApS, and Linc Systems ApS will now be able to bring their innovative projects faster to the market.

In 2015, the Danish Market Development Fund implemented a new application process referred to as dialogue-based that complements the previous normal application process. The dialogue-based application procedure requires companies to take part in a phone based pre-screening process in order to give the companies faster access to funding. In 2016, the dialogue-based process will replace the old application process. Read more about the Danish Market Development Fund here.

Two of the four Nordic Innovators projects, WakeupData and Linc Systems, have received funding through the dialogue-based procedure, and GAN Integrity Solutions and tiimo through the normal application process.

Short about the winning projects
WakeupData: Market disruptive online data integration platform for e-shops
The objective of the project is to test and adapt a disruptive on-the-cloud online data integration platform providing easy, cost-effective and automated integration of business’ critical data targeting small and medium sized e-shops. Read more about WakeupData and their business here.

Linc System: Innovative building energy management solution
The main objective of the project is to test and adapt a solution leveraging the internet-of-things (IoT), enabling real-time analytics and management of any electrical network in a building. Linc’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution will provide cloud-based data storage with access to control dashboards on any web or mobile device and seamless integration of powerful analytics from any specialised energy analytics providers on the market, thus enabling efficient BEM with estimated customer costs savings in the 30% range. Read more about Linc Systems and their business here.

GAN Integrity Solutions: A market disruptive compliance software
Gan Integrity Solutions will perform a large-scale test of their ComplyGo software to receive important feedback from lead users. ComplyGo will remove integrity compliance as a competitiveness barrier for SMEs through an affordable cloud-based platform, automated and easy to use. Read more about GAN Integrity Solutions and their business here.

tiimo: Assistive technology to aid ADHD children
The objective of the project is to perform large-scale tests in collaboration with ADHD children, their families and teachers. Throughout the project, tiimo will intensively test and improve the technology – providing important and valuable feedback that will be merged into the personalised ADHD solution ensuring an optimised product to ADHD children’s needs and caregivers’ requirements before market. The aim is to establish proof-of-concept of the technology that will improve the daily life quality of ADHD children. Read more about tiimo here.

The next deadline for submitting dialogue-based proposals for The Market Development Fund is May 17th 2016 with pre-screenings taking place from week 9 to 18.

For further information about The Market Development Fund, or for a talk on how we can help realise your innovation project, please contact Kenneth Junge Hermansen on +45 31 20 55 38 or send an e-mail to