Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)

The FTI pilot supports projects undertaking innovation from the demonstration stage through to market uptake, including stages such as piloting, test-beds, systems validation in real world/working conditions, validation of business models, pre-normative research, and standard-setting. It targets relatively mature new technologies, concepts, processes and business models that need a last development step to reach the market and achieve wider deployment. To this end, if a proposal involves technological innovation, the consortium must declare that the technology or the technologies concerned are at least at Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL). Projects can be interdisciplinary.

Funding opportunity

FTI is aimed at supporting business-driven innovative products, services and processes, encouraging the participation of industry, SMEs and first time applicants as well as the cooperation among participants from different disciplines and sectors and of all types so Europe can strengthen its competitive positions in global markets.

The FTI pilot instrument offers funding for businesses working within innovations that are in need of a final economic boost and acceleration in order to reach the market. The total budget is €200m. Proposals must relate to any field under the specific objective Industrial Leadership and/or to any of the specific objectives under the priority Societal challenges.

The FTI measure saves time from idea to market: 6 months to get a grant, 12-24 months for implementation and maximum of 36 months from grant to market.

Maximum funding of a FTI project is up to €3m. Significant involvement of industry and other business partners, particularly SMEs are encouraged. Industry partners have a reimbursement rate of 70% + 25% in overhead (no overhead on subcontracting). Non-profit beneficiaries may be reimbursed at 100%.

Eligibility criteria

At least three and maximum five legal entities can participate in a project. Each of the three shall be established in a different Member State or associated country. All three legal entities shall be independent of each other. Furthermore, at least one of the following minimum conditions shall be met:
  1. either at least 60% of the budget has to be allocated to consortium partner(s) from industry;
  2. or the minimum number of industry participants must be 2 in a consortium of 3 or 4 partners, and 3 in a consortium of 5 partners.

A proposal shall include a business plan.

Evaluation criteria

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following three criteria’s:
  1. Scientific and / or technological quality (Excellence)
  2. Expected impacts (Impact)
  3. Quality and efficiency of the implementation (Implementation)

Proposals will be evaluated individually when they arrive. They will be ranked after the respective cut-off dates. The criterion 'Impact' will be evaluated first, followed by 'Excellence' and 'Implementation'. If the proposal fails to achieve the threshold for a criterion, the evaluation of the proposal will stop.

The threshold for the criterion 'Impact' will be 4. The overall threshold, meaning the sum of the three individual scores, will be 12.

Nordic Innovators has considerable experience in developing specific industry proposals and can assist within all aspects of the application process. Please contact Kenneth Junge Hermansen on +45 3120 5538 or write an e-mail to