The Environmental Technology Scheme

The overall goal of the environmental technology scheme is to encourage more projects in the field of environmental technology. The scheme aims to promote Norwegian environmental technology in national and international markets and contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of Norwegian industry. Small, medium-sized (SMEs) and large enterprises throughout Norway that are planning to start up pilot and demonstration projects.

By environmental technology is meant all technology that directly or indirectly improves the environment, for example technology that limits pollution through purification processes, more environmentally friendly products and production processes, more efficient handling of resources and technological systems that reduce the impact on the environment. By technology is meant both knowledge and physical facilities and installations.

Grant opportunity
The environmental technology scheme is tasked with providing funding for technology that is close to commercialisation and that will be built and tested under conditions equivalent to natural operating conditions. Projects in a very early phase where the main purpose is concept development and laboratory testing will not be prioritised. The following activities are supported:
  • Costs for planning and development of pilot and demonstration plant;
  • Investment costs in the construction of the facility;
  • Costs of commissioning and testing after the start of operation.

The programme does not support operation of plants.

Innovation Norway allocates annually MNOK 180 to the programme and the following funding rates are applicable:

Small enterprises (< 50) Medium-sized enterprises (50-250) Large enterprises (>250)
Support rates 45% 35% 25%
The funding can be increased by 15% if the project involves collaboration between independent enterprises of which at least one of the companies is an SME.

Evaluation criteria
  • The project must be socio-economically profitable before the grant is awarded and commercially profitable after the grant has been awarded.
  • The grant must have a triggering effect.
  • The project must have a high level of innovation/novelty and the technology/service must have a significant international growth potential.
  • The project’s environmental impact must be documented and quantified in the application and in the final report from the recipient of the grant.
  • The applicant's implementation capability is important, and the measure must contribute to developing the enterprise's competitiveness.
  • The scheme applies to development and investments in Norway.

Program homepage: The Environmental Technology Scheme
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